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Got videos? Art Work? Music you would love to just share with us? join and post is up here! We would love to see your work! Who knows? Maybe you could get yourself an interview on the spot? Or be one of those lucky Artists we mention on the air, because of how supportive and consistent you are. Join the WHHA Social and post up a STORM here! Fantasy Crew would love to see your work.










Kanti KasaLil KP, and Flurry Breeze of South Side Family! 







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Top Video! - KIDD $TYLEZ - O.G Bobby Johnson (Remix)

Congratulations to the user "Kidd$tylez12" for winning the top video of the month! "O.G Bobby Johnson (Remix)"

Next winner will be chosen December 1st 2015 





Top Song! - Claim this spot!

 -- Next drawing is  December 1st 2015

Top Model! - WILL IT BE YOU?

HEY MODELS! CLAIM THIS SPOT TO BE our Top Model of the month! -- Next drawing is December 1st 2015



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